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Sell Your Home For More Money

Strategic Pricing Specialists

When a home sits on the market for too long it loses appeal and can cost you money. We help you price your home correctly to sell quickly and for more money. 

Expert Negotiators

When selling a house, you want a real estate agent who negotiates the best deal and treats you as their most important client.

Your Local Experts

We are local and understand the local trends in the area. We understand what buyers are looking for in the local area and help you stage and prepare you home to sell to these buyers. 

Our Mission Statement

Our Services

We take a different approach to selling your house.  Here is why....

·   Did you know that in North Carolina when your home goes on the MLS that every agent is working to find a buyer for you?

 ·   Did you know that when you pay commission to a Franchise that 6% to 8 % of that commission goes out of state to the Franchise headquarters?

·   Did you know that in Eastern North Carolina many of the listing agencies keep 2/3rds of what they charge you and only give 1/3rd to the agency that brings a buyer?

Here’s why we are different…

·  With our Strategic Pricing and Marketing we get the word out to every agent to find that buyer for your property.

·   We are not a franchise so we do not have a franchise fee…more money for our local economy.

·   We believe that the agency that brings the buyer is most important and should be paid an equal fee (or sometimes higher fee) for what they do.

We charge less to encourage you to…

·   Get a pre-listing inspection, appraisal and home warranty depending on your needs. All these preventative measures help you to walk away with more money.

·    Spot light your home with a professional photographer and staging tips – this will help your home sell faster.

·    By being local and family owned, we can react quickly to your needs taking the stress and inconvenience out of the sales process.

Like what you see?  Lets chat...

Let's Chat...

528 Cedar Point Blvd | Cedar Point NC 28584  |  Tel: 800.523.2907

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